Understanding Child Development for Service Providers

As service providers, we know that parents understand their child/ren best. However, we know how incredibly difficult it can be to understand all aspects of infant, child and teenage development and especially how to help families support a child at each stage. While there may be similarities with other children, providers share with their clients that a child’s emotional, physical and cognitive development may be different. Deepening the families’ understanding of child or teen development helps them build stronger relationships with their child/ren, setting the foundation for their child/ren to thrive.

By helping our clients to nurture and be affectionate parents, they will continue to learn and change how we respond to their children’s needs, especially as they go through different stages. We also know that parents of children with disabilities may benefit from additional support and resources to help them, too.

How Every Child Can Thrive by Five

How Every Child Can Thrive by Five

Molly Wright is seven years old and is one of the youngest speakers for TED Talks. She asks us, what if a game of peek-a-boo could change the world?

Covid-19 Resources for Families with Autism

Covid-19 Resources for Families with Autism

Autism Speaks provides educational resources and support for families and providers with autism. Tools and resources are recommended by the Covid-19 Autism Research Community Task Force.

Keiki Safety Tips

Keiki Safety Tips

Learn how to keep your children safe while they’re at home or while they’re traveling.

CDC: Act Early

CDC: Act Early

Every child grows and reaches milestones in their development. Track your child’s development and learn what to do if you have concerns.

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Need Help?

AUW Helpline

Call 211
Call & Text 1(877)275-6569
Chat AUW211.org

Find food, shelter, financial assistance, child care, parent support, elderly care, etc.  Search online database 24/7.

Daily 7am-10pm

Parent Line

 Call (808)526-1222 – Oahu
Call 1(800)816-1222 – Toll Free
Chat TheParentLine.org

Resources for parents on child behavior & development, parenting, caregiver suport & community resources. Closed on State and Federal holidays.

Monday -Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday – Sunday 9am-1pm

Hawaii CARES

(808)832-3100 – Oahu
All Islands, Toll Free

1(800)985-5990 Multilingual COVID-19 Emotional Distress

If you or a loved one is feeling anxious, has a crisis, thinking of suicide, or need access to mental health or substance use treatment, experiencing distress related to COVID-19 & other disasters, help is available. Visit Hawaii CARES.

Daily 24/7

Domestic Violence Action Center Help Lines

Call (808)531-3771 – Oahu
Call 1(800)690-6200 – Toll Free
Text 1(605)956-5680

If it is an emergency, please call 911. Domestic Violence Action Center provides information on ways to get help & answers to questions about domestic violence.

Call Monday -Friday 8am-5pm
Text 24/7

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