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What are the Protective Factors?

Protective factors strengthen families by improving positive outcomes for children and families. Families who are strong in these areas, reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.


Five Protective Factors that Strengthen Families

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Concrete Support

We all need help sometimes. What are the hardest things about finding help, and what have you learned to make it easier? This house icon symbolizes the basic necessities we need as a family, like food, shelter, and childcare.

Parental Resilience

How to be strong and flexible. How do you bounce back from difficulty as a parent? This triangle icon symbolizes Parental Resilience as a mountain of strength, while building smaller mountains of strength inside.

Social Support

Parents need friends and people who support them. Do you have people to support you when things get rough? This Hawaiian petroglyph symbolizes parents getting the social support that they need to become strong parents.

Social-Emotional Competence of Children

Parents need to help their children interact and communicate well. Can your child share their feelings? This happy and sad emoji symbolizes helping our children name their feelings.

Understanding Child Development

Parents need to know how children grow. Being a great parent is part natural and part learned. What is the next big thing your child needs to learn and how are you going to be a part of it? This taro plant icon represents understanding how our children grow and how to support them.

Five Protective Factors for Service Providers

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