Parental Resilience for Families

Evidence shows that parents who are able to effectively cope with their own life’s stresses develop resilience – that inner strength to be able to bounce back when things are not going well. Believe it or not, this ability to deal with life’s ups and downs serves as a model of coping for your children. You are their model.

Most parents have connections that they have created or inner strengths that they may not know they could be using. These inner strengths and/or connections can serve as a foundation for building your own strong resilience. Inner strengths and connections may include but are not limited to one’s faith, a sense of humor, a supportive relative, being flexible, patience, etc. Parental resilience will help guide you on how best to respond to your child when life gets tough.

Everyone Experiences Stress

Everyone Experiences Stress

Keeping your family strong – Every family experiences stress, and the Child Welfare Information Gateway has compiled some resources to help parents weather the stress so they can remain strong when things get tough.

Covid-19 Parental Resources

Covid-19 Parental Resources

Information to families to help give a better understanding of how Covid-19 may be affecting their social, emotional and mental health.

Support for New Parents in Hawaii

Support for New Parents in Hawaii

Breastfeeding and Support for New Parents in Hawaii. Nest For Families provides a network for local parents to connect with other families to get support for breastfeeding and any of the struggles new parents face. Get texts and phone calls to help you through your first years as a parent.

Parenting After Divorce

Parenting After Divorce

More often than not, co-parenting doesn’t work for divorced parents due to unresolved conflicts and/or lack of communication.

Parallel Parenting

Parallel Parenting

Co-parenting can be difficult when you have an uncooperative, combative, or a narcissistic ex-partner.

Why Do I Get Angry?

Why Do I Get Angry?

Are you unsure why you’re angry? Often times when we feel angry, there are many emotions under the surface like an anger iceberg.

The Five Love Languages

The Five Love Languages

Learn How to Improve Your Relationships. Take the quiz and have a better understanding of your primary love language and how you can use it to build meaningful relationships.

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Need Help?

AUW Helpline

Call 211
Call & Text 1(877)275-6569

Find food, shelter, financial assistance, child care, parent support, elderly care, etc.  Search online database 24/7.

Daily 7am-10pm

Parent Line

 Call (808)526-1222 – Oahu
Call 1(800)816-1222 – Toll Free

Resources for parents on child behavior & development, parenting, caregiver suport & community resources. Closed on State and Federal holidays.

Monday -Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday – Sunday 9am-1pm

Hawaii CARES

(808)832-3100 – Oahu
All Islands, Toll Free

1(800)985-5990 Multilingual COVID-19 Emotional Distress

If you or a loved one is feeling anxious, has a crisis, thinking of suicide, or need access to mental health or substance use treatment, experiencing distress related to COVID-19 & other disasters, help is available. Visit Hawaii CARES.

Daily 24/7

Domestic Violence Action Center Help Lines

Call (808)531-3771 – Oahu
Call 1(800)690-6200 – Toll Free
Text 1(605)956-5680

If it is an emergency, please call 911. Domestic Violence Action Center provides information on ways to get help & answers to questions about domestic violence.

Call Monday -Friday 8am-5pm
Text 24/7

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