by sharing time and making simple routines fun.

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Here’s a Thought,

Play Together


7 minutes a day of
peek-a-boo helps
keiki feel secure.

Here’s a Thought,

Eat Together


Connect by listening
to everyone's
thoughts and feelings.

Here’s a Thought,

Share Appreciation


Compliment each
other by sharing
words of appreciation.

Here’s a Thought,

Share a Story


Storytelling brings
people closer together.

Here’s a Thought,

Help Each Other


Teamwork is working
together to solve
problems and reach

AUW Helpline

Call 211
Call & Text 1(877)275-6569

Aloha United Way 211 provides informations for finding food, shelter, financial assistance, child care, parent support, elderly care, disability services, job training, etc.  Search online database 24/7.

Daily 7am-10pm

Parent Line

 Call (808)526-1222 - Oahu
Call 1(800)816-1222 - Toll Free

The Parent Line provides resources for parents on child behavior & development, parenting, caregiver suport & community resources. Closed on State and Federal holidays.

Monday -Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday - Sunday 9am-1pm

Hawaii CARES

(808)832-3100 - Oahu
All Islands, Toll Free

1(800)985-5990 Multilingual COVID-19 Emotional Distress

If you or a loved one is feeling anxious, has a crisis, thinking of suicide, or need access to mental health or substance use treatment, experiencing distress related to COVID-19 & other disasters, help is available. Visit Hawaii CARES.

Daily 24/7

Domestic Violence Action Center Help Lines

Call (808)531-3771 - Oahu
Call 1(800)690-6200 - Toll Free
Text 1(605)956-5680

If it is an emergency, please call 911. Domestic Violence Action Center provides information on ways to get help & answers to questions about domestic violence.

Call Monday -Friday 8am-5pm
Text 24/7

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