Visit Foods for Picky Eaters

Foods for Picky Eaters

Is mealtime stressful for you and your kids? Find foods that your children want to eat and provide a balanced diet. Check out “Your Kids Table” for tips and printable recipes to try at home.

Other Articles for Families

Covid-19 Parental Resources

Information to families to help give a better understanding of how Covid-19 may be affecting their social, emotional and mental health.

Support for Foster Families in Hawaii

Family Programs Hawaii’s Resource Families Support Services provides support to resource caregivers, aka foster families, and providers in Hawaii.

Resources for Special Needs Children in Hawaii

SPIN provides latest information that is happening in Hawai’i to families and providers regarding educational service, healthcare, and more.

Covid-19 Resources for Families with Autism

Autism Speaks provides educational resources and support for families and providers with autism. Tools and resources are recommended by the Covid-19 Autism Research Community Task Force.

How Much Should My Baby Sleep?

Newborns have shorter sleep cycles, but by the time they’re 3 months old, many infants develop a pattern to have longer patterns they’re awake and when they’re asleep.

Is Your Child a Picky Eater?

It’s important to provide a balanced diet for your family. Check out “Your Kids Table” for tips and printable recipes to try at home.

Feeding Your Child: Ages and Stages

Milestones for Feeding Your Child. As a parent, we want to feed in the right way for our child or children’s stage of development. Whether you have a newborn or a teenager, here are some basics for feeding your child at different ages and stages.

Support for New Parents in Hawaii

Breastfeeding and Support for New Parents in Hawaii. Nest For Families provides a network for local parents to connect with other families to get support for breastfeeding and any of the struggles new parents face. Get texts and phone calls to help you through your first years as a parent.

Parenting After Divorce

More often than not, co-parenting doesn’t work for divorced parents due to unresolved conflicts and/or lack of communication.

Breastfeeding Support

Resources for Breastfeeding Support.We have compiled a list of websites that have resources for breastfeeding including local milk banks and lactation supports in Hawaii.

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